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Our team

Bart Taber has been in law enforcement for 29 years. He has 20 years of instructional experience in firearms, defensive tactics and use of force.  Bart is currently a certified firearms instructor with handguns and rifles. Bart has several years of experience coaching youth and high school wrestling programs.

Jake Gibson (Instructor) has been involved in law enforcement for 10 years.  Currently he is a defensive tactics instructor and a SWAT team operator.  He is a Certified Instructor of Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) for military and law enforcement personnel.  

In addition, he has experience as a School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer and a member of the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT).


Our history

I founded Safe-Sight Consulting in 2017 as a result of observing what I perceived as a lack of appropriate training in private and professional settings.  These shortcomings, along with the expanding mentality of fear and loss of control in our society, spotlighted the need for a new path toward safey and security for all individuals.  

We believe that combining our knowledge, mindset, and communication skills will serve the purposes of bringing individualized training to professionals and private citizens while taking into consideration the duties, abilities and ages of the people we train.  


Our Mission

We provide professional personnel and private individuals a realistic, individualized safety and security training program as it pertains to their current duties and abilities.  

Our Services

Security /Law Enforcement Training

     Security and law enforcement personnel are critical to saving lives in workplace violence and a multitude of various other situations.  We provide superior and unique training to these professions.  

     Our intensive physical tactics program has been refined from over three decades of professional experience of implementing and observing what has worked, and as importantly, what has not worked. With this information in mind, we are able to supplement traditional training in order to more quickly adapt to the reality of the officer's challenges on the street.  

     The real world de-escalation skills we provide in conjunction with the physical tactics are designed to improve the officer's ability to successfully complete their duties while at the same time prevent and limit the severity of physical interactions officers encounter. 

One natural result of this philosophy is directed toward limiting liability for the officer's respective agency.

Private Individual/Youth

     We provide private citizens, including youth, with verbal and physical techniques and tactics so that they can "own" their personal security.  Pistol and rifle classes are also available pursuant to the wishes and needs of the student.

     In addition, we provide self-defense guidance and knowledge on Indiana's Use of Force law.  The ability to locate relevant, current regulations and case law is the first step in understanding your ability to use force against another individual.  

     While we do not provide legal advice, our real-world experience does allow us to provide our students with insight into the mentality and process of post-incident investigations and prosecutions.  This insight is paramount to training (pre-incident) for use of force because it defines our boundaries and reinforces the mentality that avoidance is the most secure path to follow when the ultimate goal is survival. 

Small Business  

     We provide realistic, individualized security plans for business personnel  basing the training on the psychology of de-escalation with an emphasis on safe evasion.  Our experience shows us that security training is not a "one size fits all" philosophy.  

     Most safety training is focused on security and law enforcement as being the first respondents.  Thus, we have seen a lack of importance provided to the front-line staff.

     A focus of our training is based on the idea that the most critical point of contact in a workplace violence situation is at the inception of the incident.  

Whats Included in the Class

  • Physical Tactics
  • Verbal De-escalation
  • Indiana Use of Force guidance
  • Youth Safety Program
  • Workplace Violence
  • Pistol Classes
  • Rifle Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a different class for women?

No, and the reason is simple; facing a life threatening situation will require the same response from a man or a woman. All three classes require very little physical exertion. Several classes have been women only, but the curriculum is the same. 

Do I have to have a firearm?

Yes, the reason will become evident very early in the instruction, you need to be intimately familiar with the weapon that will be used in a stressful situation. While almost any weapon can suffice, there are a few that are better. Contact me for references. 

Can I take all three classes in the same day?

Most people take classes 1 and 2 on the first day, those classes take approximately six to seven hours. Each student needs to spend as much time learning the skills from classes 1 and 2 as it takes to become comfortable, then return for class 3.  Classes 1 and 2 are typically done in one day. Practice a lot, then return for class 3 when comfortable.  The classroom portion is usually at the customer's houses. ex.) barn, garage

Do I need a holster and extra magazines?

Holsters are nice, but if your plan is to have your weapon in your home only, you probably won't wear a holster inside your home. If you plan on carrying your weapon, then yes please. Extra magazines are helpful, bring them if possible. 

How much ammo will I need?

For the first two classes, around 200. I have had students shoot more and less. If you have ammo and want to shoot, we will shoot! For class 3 you should bring around 150 rounds or more. A total of 350 to 400 rounds will be fine. 

Can I bring a revolver or semi auto?

Either will be fine, but medium frame semi autos are much easier to shoot than revolvers and sub compacts. This can be a highly debated subject. Contact me for more specific information. 

Why should I take all three Safe-Sight classes?

The short answer is that my lesson plan is comprehensive, it starts in the beginning and does not skip fundamentals or details. It is divided into three parts that are absolutely necessary for being able to confront a life threatening situation.  To be vaguely familiar with any object you might use during tense, stressful situations is a recipe for failure, shooting while moving and shooting moving targets requires different skills than bulls eye shooting. Target shooting only will not prepare you for a home invasion at 3 A.M. Along with practical skills, the knowledge and current Indiana laws governing the use of force is part of a complete preparedness program. 

Live Free, Live Safe


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