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About Us

Our team

Bart Taber (pictured left) has been in law enforcement for 29 years. He has 20 years of instructional experience in firearms, defensive tactics and use of force.  Bart is currently a certified firearms instructor with handguns and rifles.  

Monty Arvin (pictured right) holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Indiana University and a Juris Doctor from Valparaiso University School of Law.  He practiced criminal defense and civil law for 6 years in Indiana.  Monty has 13 years of experience in behavioral health including instructional training on de-escalation and safety techniques.  He received his Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) certification through the Marion County Sheriff's Department. 

Both Bart and Monty have several years of experience coaching youth and high school wrestling programs.

Jake Gibson (Instructor/not pictured) has been involved in law enforcement for 10 years.  Currently he is a defensive tactics instructor and a SWAT team operator.  He is a Certified Instructor of Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) for military and law enforcement personnel.  

In addition, he has experience as a School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer and a member of the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT).

Our history

We founded Safe-Sight Consulting in 2017 as a result of observing what we perceived as a lack of appropriate training in private and professional settings.  These shortcomings, along with the expanding mentality of fear and loss of control in our society, spotlighted the need for a new path toward safey and security for all individuals.  

We believe that combining our knowledge, mindset, and communication skills will serve the purposes of bringing individualized training to professionals and private citizens while taking into consideration the duties, abilities and ages of the people we train.  


Our Mission

We provide professional personnel and private individuals a realistic, individualized safety and security training program as it pertains to their current duties and abilities.  

Our Services

Security /Law Enforcement Training

     Security and law enforcement personnel are critical to saving lives in workplace violence and a multitude of various other situations.  We provide superior and unique training to these professions.  

     Our intensive physical tactics program has been refined from over three decades of professional experience of implementing and observing what has worked, and as importantly, what has not worked. With this information in mind, we are able to supplement traditional trainings in order to more quickly adapt to the reality of the officer's challenges on the street.  

     The real world de-escalation skills we provide in conjunction with the physical tactics are designed to improve the officer's ability to successfully complete their duties while at the same time prevent and limit the severity of physical interactions officers encounter. 

One natural result of this philosophy is directed toward limiting liability for the officer's respective agency.

Private Individual/Youth

     We provide private citizens, including youth, with verbal and physical techniques and tactics so that they can "own" their personal security.  Pistol and rifle classes are also available pursuant to the wishes and needs of the student.

     In addition, we provide self-defense guidance and knowledge on Indiana's Use of Force law.  The ability to locate relevant, current regulations and case law is the first step in understanding your ability to use force against another individual.  

     While we do not provide legal advice, our real-world experience does allow us to provide our students with insight into the mentality and process of post-incident investigations and prosecutions.  This insight is paramount to training (pre-incident) for use of force because it defines our boundaries and reinforces the mentality that avoidance is the most secure path to follow when the ultimate goal is survival. 

Barry The Badger Youth Safety Program



     Our unique Barry the Badger Youth Safety Program is tailored in an age specific fashion that enables children of all ages to see and keep distance from possible dangerous situations by focusing on the time prior to the situation.  By incorporating concrete symbolism to the idea of child safety, this innovative Program exemplifies that regardless of your age or ability, everyone can reach their full potential with the correct instruction and mindset.

     However, we believe child safety is a team effort.  Our program promotes the interactive relationship between the child and the caregiver and we achieve that idea in the class by exhibiting activities that the child and caregiver can carry outside of the classroom. Practicing these activities on a regular basis can enable effective communication between the child and the caregiver and can develop a security minded lifestyle that the child can carry with them throughout their life. 

Small Business  

     We provide realistic, individualized security plans for business personnel  basing the training on the psychology of de-escalation with an emphasis on safe evasion.  Our experience shows us that security training is not a "one size fits all" philosophy.  

     Most safety training is focused on security and law enforcement as being the first responders.  Thus, we have seen a lack of importance provided to the front-line staff.

     A focus of our training is based on the idea that the most critical point of contact in a workplace violence situation is at the inception of the incident.  

Our Services

  • Physical Tactics
  • Verbal De-escalation
  • Indiana Use of Force guidance
  • Youth Safety Program
  • Workplace Violence
  • Pistol Classes
  • Rifle Classes

Why Choose Us for Your Firearms Training?

  • What are the 3 tenants of shooting? After three decades of involvement in firearms, we have learned that most people generalize the term “learning to shoot”.  “Learning to shoot” in an informal manner and setting can lead to an environment that allows inattention to detail and can be dangerous if it misleads the “shooter” to believe he or she is prepared to handle a firearm safely and effectively. This environment can also develop and reinforce improper habits that deter from efficient firearms use. 
  • Here are our 3 tenants of shooting:  

  1. Safe handling and operation. The essentials of safely holstering, removing, loading and unloading your weapon in a safe and efficient manner.  This includes understanding muzzle direction, finger discipline and general handling of your firearm as well as the care and cleaning of your weapon.  
  2. Proper shooting and marksmanship. This is the detailed science behind shooting accurately that specifically involves grip, trigger finger placement and understanding how the trigger must be operated for accurate shot placement. We also provide students with instruction on proper stance, sight picture and alignment, breathing and other details that allow you to fire the weapon and strike your intended target. 
  3. Fighting with your weapon.  We provide our students with insight into the mentality of fighting; the student MUST take it from there and add this mentality to their use of the weapon!   We promote the idea that while there is limited time an individual can spend on the range or dry firing, the mindset of a fighter can be developed and sharpened throughout a person’s daily routine in any setting.  Focusing on the first two parts of this model only partially prepares you for a lethal encounter.  While these first two sections are somewhat limited in the number of skills needed to master them, embracing the mindset of “fighting with your weapon” allows individuals endless opportunities to hone this skillset into a lifestyle mentality that will increase their opportunity for success during a dangerous encounter.   


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