Why Choose Us for Your Firearms Training

  • What are the 3 tenants of shooting? After three decades of involvement in firearms, we have learned that most people generalize the term “learning to shoot”.  “Learning to shoot” in an informal manner and setting can lead to an environment that allows inattention to detail and can be dangerous if it misleads the “shooter” to believe he or she is prepared to handle a firearm safely and effectively. This environment can also develop and reinforce improper habits that deter from efficient firearms use. 

  • Here are our 3 tenants of shooting:

  1. Safe handling and operation. The essentials of safely holstering, removing, loading and unloading your weapon in a safe and efficient manner. This includes understanding muzzle direction, finger discipline and general handling of your firearm as well as the care and cleaning of your weapon.  
  2. Shooting and marksmanship. This is the detailed science behind shooting accurately that specifically involves grip, trigger finger placement and understanding how the trigger must be operated for accurate shot placement. We also provide students with instruction on proper stance, sight picture and alignment, breathing and other details that allow you to fire the weapon and strike your intended target. 
  3. Fighting with your weapon.  We provide our students with insight into the mentality of fighting; the student MUST take it from there and add this mentality to their use of the weapon!   We promote the idea that while there is limited time an individual can spend on the range or dry firing, the mindset of a fighter can be developed and sharpened throughout a person’s daily routine in any setting.  Focusing on the first two parts of this model only partially prepares you for a lethal encounter. While these first two sections are somewhat limited in the number of skills needed to master them, embracing the mindset of “fighting with your weapon” allows individuals endless opportunities to hone this skill set into a lifestyle mentality that will increase their opportunity for success during a dangerous encounter. 

Pistol Class 1 - Four Safety Rules

Operation - Function

Trigger Reset


Loading and Unloading

Pistol Class 2

Proper Grip

Sight Alignment

Grip and Sights

Sight Picture

Low Ready

Putting it all Together

Pistol Class 3

Time - Space - Movement